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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
Weather might be lousy this weekend, but is anyone interested in this? I'm thinking about trying to hobble together a PVC and welding rod VHF yagi and bikepack the station up some place high. Maybe ride up to the Devil's Head fire lookout or I do have an idea for around Guanella with a 2m vertical on top of a tall pole. Just thinking out loud, point is that with a crappy radio down here in town no reason to try anything beyond DM79.
Dave, I've got that exact antenna in my shed.. it's Groucho's but I'm sure you're welcome to borrow it. It could probably use some SWR tuning.. I wasn't able to hit the Connection from BFE which was my ultimate plan, and couldn't make it do anything that the truck antenna wasn't already doing, then it got windy so I took it down.

As for Sunday the best I could do is listen from down here in the city.
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