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Default It's ALIIIIVE

so finally got on the air last night!!

install was successful, and came out about as clean as I could make it, will probably tidy up some things as I go along...

got on 146460 and transmitted a bit.

my house is at hwy 93 and 64th basically, and was able to get in touch with root at 120th and huron pretty clear which is really good antennae to antennae imuho (in my un-experienced humble opinion)

so with that, here's some pics cause i like pictars better than words

first one is the radio and the new mount from nakman, thanks nakman and/or groucho or whoever, still unclear about who/how that works but I ordered it from so I'll holla out a heck yes to Nakman for that one!!

radio came w/ new fused 10ga power supply line, very nice

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my work buddy threw in a diamond NR770R dualband mag mount antennae.

So that worked out really well because the 'mag mount' portion was fully tear-downable so I took it apart and used the antennae and coax and elbow to integrate into the new mount location on the DS fender:

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so here's an up close of the mount, I think i'll re-think the coax run into the antennae and go get one of those real thin runs so there's plenty of room between hood and fender gap without crimping the coax, its bending slightly now when hood is closed, so I think I need to do that. Thanks again Nakman for pointing out that they even make such a thing..I'll have to get some skinny ordered up...

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I was able to get real good power to it using these military style battery terminals, these will get re-orinated the other way eventually using the stud mounts on back of battery box....

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