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Default continued...

now the radio is mounted in a spot that isn't perfect,
but I think it will work well....

it is protected more or less by the two seats on each side and its still reachable if adjustmentes are needed, its low enough for the center console will open up and clear the top of the radio.

it also will allow the rear seats to fold forward without interference.

It also puts the MIC within convenient reach and allows for the cable runs to be hidden and protected fairly well.

so...the wife probably didn't want it there, but its better than other alternatives again ...imuho

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will need to address securing these wires more thoroughly but this shows orientation on the rear console with giant heat sync

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soo....big thanks for snowrun
for the assist and input

and I'm real glad to be on the air!

now the guys can stop making fun of me for being the only vanity call sign holder w/o a radio...

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