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Originally Posted by nakman View Post
Great stuff Mike. My radio is mounted to the center console also but underneath the cupholder, since i've got a removable faceplate I don't really need access to it as much. I would worry about kids kicking it back there, personally, I'm sure it will be fine though until you think of something else- would it fit in a single din radio slot?

One thing you can do on your antenna mount for added peace of mind is move your hood over a little bit- just loosen those 4 hinge bolts and shift it like 1mm or so... not enough to create a big ugly gap but just enough to take the edge off the wire?

And let me know if you need any more mic holders!
i was prolly gonna order a mic holder for the coin slot cause the mic lands about perfect right there!

i was thinking about the hood thing yesterday, mentioned it to john, I'll probably do that and see if that gives me enough clearance to not change the coax.

am worried about the kids kicking it, I told the wife we'll have to banish the littlest that sits in the middle seat to the third row since my third row stays in place all the time for kiddy carpools and such...

i'm stoked to be on air when need be!!!
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