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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post need to figure out what is wrong with the cam gear or oil pump shaft. The resistance you're feeling is either because the distributor shaft is not fitting into the oil pump shaft correctly or there is a problem with the cam gears. ...
You've expressed the issue very clearly because I don't think it should take this much force to get the distributor in.

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
... issue I can think of there is the cam is incorrectly spaced so the gears aren't correctly aligned with the hole the distributor drops in to. If it was too far one direction the dist would drop in freely and the gears would not engage correctly, but you would seat into the oil pump. That would probably result in the dist not turning though. If it is shimmed too far the other direction it would wedge the dist gears tightly and possibly prevent the dist from dropping in deep enough to engage the oil pump shaft. Of the two, that sounds like the more likely scenario.
When I did have the distributor in it was rotating as I spun the engine and the oil pump was not spinning. The tightness begins just as the gears start to mesh.

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
The other possibility is the oil pump shaft has got a burr on it or is somehow deformed and not letting the dist shaft drop in to it. Look down there with a flashlight and see if there is a deformation or maybe even a piece of hard crap fell into the end of the shaft.
Both Rick and I have looked and we are not seeing any deformity or blockage. We both used a pick and screwdriver while inspecting and there isn't anything obvious. I started disassembling my points distributor so that I could try fitting the shaft. While I got it torn down quite a ways, I could not drive out the pin. Does anyone have a dizzy shaft that I could borrow to confirm the fit to the oil pump? If the shaft fits, then I would know that I have to look more into the camshaft alignment.

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
You may need to drop the oil pan and pull the pump out to see how it mates up with the end of the dist.
I was hoping to avoid having to do this, but if it is needed then it will have to be done.

Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
If that isn't the issue, use a large flat blade screw driver and see if there is any side to side wiggle in the cam shaft.
I gave this a half hearted attempt and there was no movement. I'll give it another go this evening to see if there is any movement.
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