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You would need to source the right hubs, currently there are no USA models with the right locking hub(either new for 260/copy) or used from Auz.
Then you could put the part time kit into the t-case.
But the real rub is that you would lose your ABS system in 2 wheel drive. I also believe that you have traction control would be lost and because the computer controls both the engine and transmission, you could also have problem when the Trac/ABS system is not working right. Could just not let you go any where.
So mechanically you could, but I believe that the electronic nanny's would not allow you to make it work with out great electronic issues.
Long way to say NO, but a little more explaination is always good.
If you want a part time 100 series, may need to get one from another part of the world(105 series). 100 series body on a 80 series frame with some other parts beefed up.
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