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The saga continues.

Took the axle off again to brace more, and drop the lowers down a bit to gain better axle side separation.

When going to mock everything up, I found that my upper link (which has one side adjustable) had frozen. Essentially, the Johnny Joint had rusted to the link insert and I couldn't budge it.

After heating with the oxy/acetylene torch, and using a 20" pipe wrench with another 36" of high lift jack handle to make it budge, 40 minutes later, I got it off, with severely messed up threads (flattened).

However, upon further looking it looks like the joint can be salvaged, via a die chased down. The same could be said for the threaded tube insert in the link itself, except that a 1-14 die costs about 25 dollars, and a 1-14 tap costs between 75 and 100.

So, I will be purchasing another insert ($14), cutting the old one out, and re making my upper link. Then I'll chase the johnny joint with a die and hopefully get an adjustable link back.

Anyway, further modifications have included adding a total chaos idler arm, and still to come are FJ-80 rod ends with DOM adjusters.

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