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Originally Posted by wesintl View Post
there is always partner steel stoves. Their site and where they are sold are really lacking info on them. People seem to love em tho...
Good point, but they are a lot cheaper than the Brunton was. A 2-burner Partner is I think about $250 and a 4-burner about $325. That probably didn't help sales. Partner stoves are very common with outfitters and guides, no doubt about their reputation. I don't think much about them because of the need for propane. Had to once use white gas in an old truck (old F150) to get to a gas station and ever since I've liked the idea that I could burn it in an emergency (idle only in the 22R-E, but probably clean the combustion chambers like crazy) or use unleaded in my stove & lantern. I know it's not necessarily logical or even probably reasonable anymore, but funny how things that happen to you as a kid make such an impact.
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