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Default Hello CO from TX (planning visit in Sept.)

I am planning a solo trip through NM and into SW Colorado this September and I had a few questions if anyone on here would be gracious enough to help me out with some local info. Regarding the CO portion of my trip, I am just going to hit the Southwest corner for about a week, coming up to Telluride (possibly via Black Bear Pass), taking Imogene to Ouray (possibly checking out Yankee Boy Basin), possibly Mineral Creek then Engineer and Cinnamon. My primary source of info is "Guide to Colorado Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails" by Charles Wells. My questions revolve around two areas:
1. What the backcountry camping opportunities are along the way (free National Forest being my preference for budget reasons), and
2. Details on the difficulty of some of these trails. I will be traveling solo, and while I know how to use my winch, I am not bringing provisions for broken axle or roll-over!

I saw your Labor day event, but there is no way I can actually be in CO on any weekend with only 1 week available to me including time to get there/home to Austin.

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