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Default Engine Work?

My #2 cyl has no compression on my 2F (actually an imp F, but it is basically a 2F). Valves look OK, but I didn't take everything apart. Might be the rings. Anyway, I will probably have the motor rebuilt or buy a used motor and have it installed.

Who thinks I should rebuild? I am leaning toward having a good used motor to replace my current one. Who would be a good/trusted mechanic to do such work? I would do it myself, but things are crazy with a 9 month old at home and I don't want my FJ to be a paperweight for years while I slowly rebuild.

Any suggestions are welcome.

No 350 swap. Want to keep it Toyota.

Pictures are just for fun. No signs of what is wrong that I could see w/o pulling the head and looking inside the beast.
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