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Originally Posted by MattFJ40 View Post
I haven't gotten around to that yet. Wasn't sure if it was needed since I have no compression on that cyl and the plug looked like somebody hit it with a hammer. Funny thing is that the motor still runs. If it weren't for the lack of Vacuum when that cyl fires and the fact that it doesn't have compression on that cyl. Idles fine and doesn't make noise yet. I think I just caught it at the start. I am sure if i keep running it there will be a big mech failure (worse than I have now).
on the contrary. You want to do a leakdown on a cylender With No or bad compression #'s to determin weither it is top end or bottom end. And were the compression loss is generating ie. Intake/exhaust/cooling system/oiling system/ or Cylender blow by.
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