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Originally Posted by MattFJ40 View Post
Anybody else had good luck with Robbie doing work on your rig? I talked to him on the phone and he seems like a good guy.

Nakman - How many miles do you have on your rebuild? Was he able to get the project done on-time/on-budget?
Hi Matt,
Are you a member of TLCA? If so, open your last issue to the tech section & see who is the author. That should answer any questions about Robbie's skills & knowledge. He is the BOMB in every way. He has worked on or completely fixed my trucks & is absolutely awesome to work with in every way. When I broke my Troopy (Turbo 2H), i was more or less screwed becuase it was over my head & also an engine that basically doesn't exist in the USA, he not only fixed it all for me, but actually took the time to teach me how to do a bunch of different things that I didn't know before. So he basically fixed my truck more cheaply than I ever could have, with phenomenal quality of work, and also spent time eliminating future possible work by teaching me how to do things myself. So I can't say enough great things about him. In fact, I am going to send him an e-mail in a little bit to see if he is interested in fixing some other stuff for me that I can't do myself.

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