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Default Think Ham is hard?

I never want to hear you guys complaining that you need a more power or it's too hard to understand PL tones or repeater offsets...

This 9 year old girl (with a some help from dad) is building a hasty QRP CW transmitter. I don't know what she is building exactly, but my guess is one of the hacked radios that use the guts from an audio gadget (like an old Walkman) or 74xx family chip. You can see the schematic for a second at the very start of the video.

You can use just about any logic chip to make an oscillator that will work on the MF and low HF, 160m, 80m, maybe up to 40m bands and might radiate a watt or two, which is enough to talk hundreds of miles, with maybe a dozen parts. No soldering required even. Gotta know Morse, though. I'm working on that...

Ultimately it's all about the antenna!
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