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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
You can camp most anywhere in the National Forest as long as you follow there posted regulations. Check the NFS website. Otherwise Black Bears decent into Telluride can be one of the more difficult trails, that and Poughkeepsie Gultch.

Be ready for the possibility of snow. Most likely a non issue but always a chance. So don't get caught without the proper gear.
Thanks Corbet. That decent is precisely what I was hoping for more info on. It sounds like it is multi-point turns at many of the corners, and a larger vehicle might be unable to turn in the given space. I have been on some trails in Mexico where the rock on the edge literally crumbles away if you get close to the edge, leaving the trails narrower and narrower at the points where you need it most until only motorcycles and ATV's can do them. Older 4runner's and FJ's were not as wide as an '08 4Runner, so I am looking for someone who has done this recently with a wide vehicle. Am I being overly concerned here? I'll be fine in cooler temps and will watch for precipitation of any kind as I don't have MT tires at the moment.

Actually, this last point brings up another question. I could be convinced my tires need to be replaced before the trip (285/70r17 Scorpion ATR's with 50k miles on them). I am waffling between bigger tires for the ground clearance (I think I can fit 315/70r17 if I reduce castor ~1/2"), and/or some more aggressive treads at the expense of highway drivability (e.g., DuraTrac's). From my own limited experiences in CO, ground clearance is not really as big a deal as it is in TX, AZ, or UT (crawling on big rocks), but I have only been on the tame trails there in CO.

What tires do you guys recommend for these trails (bias towards daily driver doing 1,000 highway miles just to get to the trails in the first place!)? Anyone running Bridgestone Deuler A/T Revo 2's or Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac's?

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