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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
I looked at them the other day at the tire shop. They don't really appeal to me. However I have no complaints with my original MT/R's so I'm sure these will perform as good or better.

The tire guy couldn't say enough about them but I know a sales person when I see one

The new Wrangler DuraTrac looked interesting though.
I have read the softer sidewall on these DuraTrac's makes them squirrely at freeway speeds. Anyone actually running the DuraTrac's? They get really good specs at tirerack for daily drivers (wet roads, quiet, etc.) as well as off-road and snow, but I talked to one guy who abandoned them after one trip pulling a trailer because they were all over the road at 70mph. Not sure how much of this was attributable to pulling trailer though and would like another datapoint if I can find one.

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