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Originally Posted by DaveInDenver View Post
I need to make sure I'm clear here, what I am looking for are the 20mm ammo cans, sometimes called rocket boxes by river guides (which is not necessarily 'cause they held military rockets, tho). It's what they use for their groovers. These are pretty big. Imagine something big enough to fit a toilet seat and use as portable throne. The 20mm boxes hold 100 rounds for the M61 Vulcan Gatling like on the front of Apache gunships.

The main thing is the lids have two latches and come off a lot easier than single hinge type boxes
Been looking for them too, let me know if you find some and I'll do the same. I checked both Jax locations last week, they had them but they were really banged up. I need 1 for a groover and 2 to store food. With a few minor mods the 20mm cans meet the USFS requirements for bear resistant food containers. We found out last year that Arapaho NF is starting to require BRFC's for all campers not just backpackers.
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