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Originally Posted by Loki View Post
None I keep all my stuff on a 1Tb Server running a RAID 5 configuration...
And I'm sure you store a program to retrieve them into some current format. Just saying is all, on account of I was printing from 55 year old negatives that we found in my grandparent's basement.

In fact you don't even need any commercial stuff to develop silver halide film...

You can use instant coffee and laundry detergent as developer, vinegar as the stop bath and sea salt as fixer. Plain old kitchen junk.

I have this sneaking feeling that in 100 years archeologists might find large gaps in history from lost digital mediums and files. But we still trip across old film and movies, old recordings, etc. Shrug. Future researchers will think we all drove white Toyota pickups, married beautiful brown haired women and had German Shepherd/Malamute dogs because all they'll find is my old snaps. :-)
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