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Default The CO Connection needs our help

I spoke with John, at HRO, to day and the Colorado Connection needs our help. The old building, that houses the Breckinridge machine on Mt Baldy, needs to be torn down and removed. The new building was built on skids and needs to be skidded over aprox 20 feet so it sits on the old buildings footprint.

I know many of us got into ham so we would have access to this fantastic system for our backcountry adventures. For several years many of us have been using the connection for FREE. Now is the time to say “thanks” by giving back.

The project is tentatively scheduled to begin the 1st week of July, depending on snowpack, and continue until finished, so there will be several opportunities to help out. OTOH with the tenacity with which Rising Sun takes on a challenge, I could see this getting done in 1 long day.

I will stay in contact with John and post up when dates are confirmed.
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