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Default My Goldilocks camper - The Kimberley Kamper

The Jayco Baja was really comfortable, but the wood would fall apart when I went on a mild trail, so I sold it and bought a Adventure Trailer Horizon. At the time I wanted a Kimberley, but there are like 20-25 in the states and hard to come by. I ended up buying an Adventure Trailer Horizon. Very capable off road with lots of capabilities. The tent I installed had a changing room and was fine when it was just me in Moab. With Rachel, it was smaller then I would like. It would fit 3 people fine.

Then I saw an ad for a 2002 Kimberely Kamper and after thinking about it for 10 days, I bought it.

This camper is just right for me. I can take it off road on mild trails

The Jayco Baja took about 20 minutes to setup, the AT took 10 minutes ( 20 with both awnings). If I am just camping overnight, this takes 3 minutes and has lots of room.

The cool thing about this is its expandability depending on what you are doing

The roof quickly folds down expanding the tent with it. All you have to do to be fully setup is expand one bar inside the tent area and then pull out the kitchen. Takes about 3 minutes

Quick and comfy area with storage under the bed. You can also sleep two on the floor with pads. LED lights at the back of the bed for reading.
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