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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Great run Jeff, thanks for leading it!

The second group must have had bad driveshaft karma or something like that. The front drive shaft on the Blue Mule separated twice because the front axle got hung on a huge rock and the only option was to go backwards. We were able to unbolt the pinion flange and put it back together but that was a first.

Then as we were departing the rock garden at the very top the white XJ spit the rear drive shaft out with a broken yoke. We removed it and threw a strap on him until we got to the meadow and easy sailing.

Got back to the trailer and noticed a new squeek coming from Meanie on the passenger front. Jacked up the axle on that side and was able to wobble the wheel top to bottom so it looks like the wheel bearing needs some attention. I also noticed a new oil drip under the motor, looks like a bolt was installed wrong on the hydro boost cylinder (pointing up) so when we bottomed out the front suspension it cracked the oil pan . Anyone have a cast aluminum oil pan for a 5.3 Vortec laying around?

Wow I was on the same run with you and with the group being so large I had no idea of all the troubles you all had in the back. Lot's of carnage yesterday! Upfront had there fair share of wrench turning, mayonaise lending and a bit of brake fluid sharing.
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