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Jeff thanks for getting us out and putting on a good run. Only real issue i had was i lost a brake line in the garden. Thanks Dave and Steve for the Japanese brake system and all those who I did not mention for helping me get the trail fix done. I got a few pics with the cell phone of what the brake system entails. First is the layout of how it is suppose to look when done. Second is the tools required and Third is a detailed shot of how to apply the tools. ON the way out I had 2 scares that almost put me off the side of the mountain on the switchbacks back to Georgetown. WHEW!!! One was a tight squeeze between the edge and a HUGE pointy rock. I hugged the rock but a rock was right there i rolled on and it shot the front 6 inches to the edge. The other was before that on the switch backs and having little brakes I real close to the edge as I tried my multi point turn. Old40Dog was a witness. All in all a fun time. But man am I tired..... Long day. Even Alexis did not want to get up this morning. Did the guy in the scout get out OK?
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