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Originally Posted by rhyary View Post

It is a lot more than position, which is why it is a bit difficult to understand what it is good for. you can send messages from one vehicle to another, maybe like texting?

accept is it is kind of difficult to type text into the radio. You can also have prepare few text messages a head of time, and just send the one you want.

But I am still searching on how people actually use it.
Packet radio in general is just that, packets that are just switched signals. It's just really high speed Morse Code and a very early form of WiFi. When you operate packet it's just like communicating via texting with a terminal program for your interface. Once you've packetized (hams generally use AX.25 framing) your link you do can anything you want it, just like the Internet itself, position reporting is just one part of it. You can do digital voice (this is essentially D-STAR), digital TV, time beacons, even Internet over the link, lots of things.
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