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definitely from within the past +/- 2 weeks.

looked like someone tried to drive over a snow drift (that has since melted) and flopped it into the river.

i think the pics i have show a license plate, wont be home till about 7-8pm (unless they took the plate off) i have a shot from the back of the jeep.

its VERY well built up jeep. (drive shafts, suspension, decent tires, rollcage, no doors, etc..)
looked like they tried to winch off something.. (winch controller was out and smashed under the roof) and a bunch of line was spooled out. lots of tool boxes, spare fluids, etc were what looked like hastily piled up beside it and garbage that had fallen out of the jeep around the truck and in the river that i piled up with the tools/ rubbermaid boxes.
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