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the avalanche is not that big of a deal, could easily winch a lifted truck across it and you can access that part of the trail from both sides (i drove up marble side first, turned around and then went up the crystal side all the way back down the the slide. its about 2' deep and some places may be 3' its a section about 100' to some dirt then a deeper section about another 100' but that section goes downhill. with a truck on both sides you could get a truck through it no problem.

could also drag a pull pal through the slide a few times to hack it up a bit, get down to the ice on the bottom.

it would be a difficult recovery of the jeep, shelf road on a switchback. but there are some big pines you could set up snatch blocks. hook a line to the front bumper and pull the truck straight over pivoting off the back bumper onto its wheels then re rig and yank it out. there is no space for a straight pull. and i dont think you could roll it back up onto the road.

i am pretty sure its right here: (will confirm with my gps when i get home)
Circle is where jeep is and blue dashes is about where the avalanche is. road from crystal to the top is completely clear and dry, schofield to crystal is impassable for a while (road is washed out and has deep avalanche debris on it)

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