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Originally Posted by Snowrun View Post
A little Carnage
Well this is an update on my goof, Oil pan needs to be replaced (but think that was up at ICRP), Front lower control arm needs to be replaced (they asked how much air did I get), Knuckle is needing replacement as well and I'm getting an AllProOffRoad Spindle Gusset welded to it and I'm getting their Front control arms as well, and my back shock busted again and this was the right size one this time so I'm going back on the hunt for another set. I was looking at changing out the lower control arms for some from Total Chaos but they cost $1600 a pair and without the aftermarket parts I'm already looking at a bill of $2500 or more for the yota parts and I guess that this might be a good time to say I'm backing out of a lot of runs this year but I vow not to be a stranger, or no more than I am already.
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