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Default I've heard the same thing

Originally Posted by Dr. Schlegs View Post
I have been trying to get around to this conversion on my 40 for sometime. After talking to some people in the club there seems to be a consensus that 33" tires are the tipping point. 33" or smaller go mini. 35" and larger go with a Saginaw. I have read about the 60 PS conversation but don't know if it would be strong enough to handle 35". I have not heard of an 80 PS in a 40 does it / can it work?
I've heard the same thing, which I why I'm leaning toward the Mini conversion. I'm currently on 32s and don't see myself going larger than 33s on my 40 anytime soon. IIRC, Rezarf has the mini PS on his 40 with 35s...he says it's been fine so far.

I think I'll hold out to do the 'easier' route, as I'm trying to start doing more things on my own.
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