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I bot my FJ here in Boulder, from a guy named Bob Perkins... he's been working on the '76 and a '77 for the last 10 years or so, but finally decided to throw his full attention to the '77 (which is almost all original toyota parts) and use the sale of the '76 towards that end. I don't think he's a Rising Sun member, but is pretty passionate about the FJ's so made sure to let me know about you guys. Its in pretty good shape - has been re-painted in the last year, real solid inside - put a couple hundred $ into it this week for an oil change, tune up, some hose repairs, etc and thats all my regular mechanic could find that needed doing outside connecting the washer pump and horn.

Also - I spoke to Ron at RMC, and he said he would def take a look at my flywheel, and that he does indeed work on converted 'cruisers.

I'll def keep you posted as I'm bringing it down the week after next! Thanks again for all the direction...
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