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Originally Posted by Art Volmer View Post
Hey Marco can you put a check valve in the line so the fuel does not drain back into the tank? Also the in-line pumps like to push fuel so the closer it is to the tank the better you are and the longer they will last.
As to what corbet was saying the Mustangs in the 80's had two pumps in their fuel system a low pressure in the tank and an external high pressure pump. Some of the euro cars are this way also.
Yeah, I was working on a volvo the other day and noticed it had this type of arrangement. I think the best way to do it is to use the stock type internal pump.

UB, I agree completely and this is why I am taking this route. I actually am thinking about just getting the GM pump module from a silverado which should match the motor pretty well since ti would be what it was like when it was originally in a GM truck.

My current inline pump gets wicked hot, loud, and cavitates at the drop of a hat. It has caused me lots of headaches in the past and I am ready to move on.

Kenny, how ironic that your pump in the GM .. the exact one I want to put in, failed. I am still going this route, but hopefully it lasts for a little while longer than yours did.

It's funny how it has taken me almost three years of daily driving the truck to arrive at the fact that I have to do this, interesting how the thought process/development goes.
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