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Robbie stopped by the other day. That guy knows his stuff. It turns out the valve seat is to blame for #2 not having compression. Since I run propane he recommended that I rebuild the head with special seats and exhaust valves even if I source another motor to use.
I have looked at a couple of motors off craigslist and tried to find one that is “good”. They always seem ok until I look at the lifters. My current motor had a little pitting (worst one had 3 pin-tip sized dots). The last motor out of an 84 FJ60 looked like a 10 year old had been shooting it with a BB gun for years. How much pitting is too much? Robbie seemed concerned with the pitting on my motor and so far I haven’t been able to find a motor with no pits on the lifters. Maybe I should just use the current motor and get a new cam/lifters. What do you guys think? If I could gett 30-50K miles I would be happy.
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