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Default even more lights - rear hatch this time.

I've been wanting to come up with a solution for more light back in the hatch area for some time now. At night the George's LED is almost useless when you're standing back at the tailgate, trying to get something out of a drawer or something. The factory bulbs are a little better, but still not much light provide where out where you need it.

Not sure how many 's I've spent trying to muster up a plan to bring 12v power into the hatch, and have it available when the truck's off. The power feeding the power lock is way too small, and the washer & wiper are all switched on with the key, and I didn't want to change that. Plus the rubber hose that houses all these wires is pretty well done, even if I could fish a wire up there through the hatch then through the headliner I'm pretty sure I'd never get it all back right.

Then one night last week it hit me. I don't need to run yet another wire from the battery, why not use a battery pack? So a half a later I found myself at this site, buying a 12v battery pack that will do just the trick

I then searched around for a suitable light, and found a couple from this site that seem to do the job.

here's a picture of the lights, also a "before" pic of what the lighting situation used to look like. (note the fancy new red tripod) it was still kinda light out, but trust me it's pretty dark.

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