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Tim, looking good. What run you going to test them out on
Next run that I can make is Yankee Doodle on the 25th. Anyone else up for a quickie night run up Jenny Creek? Afterwards I'll be slicin' limes on the tailgate for sure..

edit: One last comment, is I tried to get all techie and tap into the switch that controls the dome light. It runs off the position of the hatch latch, so it's easy access. But what I did was make it so if I flip the lights on, then the dome light stays on when the hatch is closed. And I'm wondering if it may also be running off of my battery pack... but having the dome light stay on makes some sense if the schematic in my head is accurate, so I'm probably going to disable my tap into the switch just to stay on the safe side.

The dream was to flip open the hatch and have everything come on automatic, then shut the hatch and it all goes off.. so I may need to find some other switch to rig up, unless an electric guy can enlighten me and I can still use the existing switch without powering the other dome light. Here's a pic of the wire coming off the switch.
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