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Default New Steering Fab- criticism welcome

So, in my ongoing effort that will no doubt be described by some as polishing a turd, I am building some new stuff for my steering.

First up was an idler arm from total chaos. Very nice unit, will have to notch the frame for it to clear. Haven't gotten there yet.

This weekend I bent a tie rod, which was annoying and lit a fire to get me going on a project I've had laying around for some time.

Essentially, the challenge is, the tie rods on IFS cannot be straight, or the steering binds. Thus, as you will see in the stock units, there is a bend.

So, here is what I've concocted.

First up, I took two pieces of 1/4" wall DOM, 1.5" OD and welded them as so. I then took a 3/4" x 16 grade 8 bolt, and cut off the head and shoulder some. I then took a piece of 1/8" Wall 1" od tube, and cut it to size. I drilled holes in the sides, and then put the bolt in, welded top and bottom, and two rosettes on the sides. I then smoothed it out with a grinder, and, after drilling two holes in the 1.5" tube, I slid the bolt and 1" tube inside, and again, welded top, bottom, and rosettes on the sides. This was the result:

I then reasoned that this would not be strong enough. I then put a front plate of 3/16" on the front, and welded to both tubes, then two plates top and bottom, again welded on all sides to both tubes, and then an end cap, just to keep out water. I then welded a 23mm RH thread insert into the other end and ground it to clean it up.

Lastly, I made an adjuster sleeve with a 3/4" x 16 RH thread insert on one end, and a 23mm LH thread insert on the other.

As you can see from the assembled pics, I'm using FJ-80 rod ends in both sides that attach to the existing steering.

NOTE: Nothing is threaded on all the way. Obviously, not nearly that much thread will be sticking out.

Thoughts? Areas that look bad? Not a ton I can do about it now, but we'll see.

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