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Well, I dunno.

The pic above does not quite show things as they will be. It is designed to have very little thread showing when it is the proper length. As it is shown in the picture, both my new one, and the stock one are WAY too long. I just stuck them together to show it, and didn't feel like running the threads all the way in.

Robbie, It sort of moves in a straight line. It is always being pushed or pulled on along the axis, however, because of the bend, I imagine there will be some side load, though I don't know how much. It will also move up and down as the suspension cycles.

Anyway, I haven't gotten it on the truck to check clearance yet because it was way, way too hot last night to handle without channel locks and vise grips. We'll see.

I am concerned about the 3/4" bolt now. I dunno if it makes a difference that most of the threaded bolt will be inside the adjuster or not?

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