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Default Brakes!!! Have a few questions

As I know this is not a toyota but the basics should all be the same. After cutting a brake line on the Fathers Day run i got under it and started to takethe parts off so i know what to get or have made. I noticed that the passenger side was set up different than the driver. To start the way it is plumbed does not seem right. from the frame the hard line goes to a braided line then to the axle where a T is and the driver side has a 28 in braided line to the caliper and the passenger side has a small hard line from the T and then a Braided line to the caliper. Also the braided line on the passenger is a smaller diameter than the driver line. Shouldnt these be the same? shouldnt the left and right be plumbed the samehey work even? I was going to get 2 lines the same and get rid of the small hard line from the T and make them the same diameter. is this correct thinking? I have spongy brakes now and have bled them several times and thinking this may cause it. or at least the larger line to one side. Doesnt smaller line have more pressure? Any help or ideas would be great. Also since i lost all the fluid to one side of the master do i need to bench bleed it again or am i ok to just plumb it again and bleed it? I am surprised i am able to stop at all. thanks again in advance.

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