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Originally Posted by Red_Chili View Post
Just a thought... could you ditch the idler arm completely and go from the pitman all the way over? If you could drop the pitman a bit, I bet the bump steer would be no worse than stock (which isn't horrible IIRC). The asymmetry might not be so bad... dunno.

Another thought... keep the idler, make a relay rod and make the outer tie rods longer; meet closer to the middle. You would have to re-engineer the skid plate. That would, I think, reduce the stress on the idler, distribute it between the pitman and the idler more equally, and move it to the relay rod (which could be made plenty stout).

A third thought... combine the two ideas. Bring the driver's outer tie rod to the middle of the vehicle more or less, while continuing the drag link to the steering arm. Hey, just because that's what Heep does, doesn't mean it's horrible...
Not really, as I read that someone tried that (who knows if its true, but it does make sense to me) and ended up with horrendous bump steer.

I'm really not worried about the idler any more. I have a total chaos arm.

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