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Got rid of all the off topic stuff. Sorry for the rants, just not in a good mood.

Anyway, today I got the idler side all done up. Got the braces cut off the TC arm, and new ones welded on, so that the braces still bolt to the underside of the frame.

Also, pretty much determined the center link is forged= thank goodness.

Did two tests: Spark test which was simply just grinding on it. Sparks that are bright and scatter quite a bit are indicative of forged steel ( or so says the interwebs). Cast will have very few sparks and they will not scatter (supposedly)

The other is the ring test, so I suspended the relay rod (center link) by a zip tie, and tapped it with a hammer: Rang like a bell.

Also a good sign. Cast steel does not ring.

Also, cast parts generally have very thin marks, or seams, on them from the molds, where as forged parts will have very thick marks, or seams, where the forging hammers came together.

So, I ground down the link, cut it in half, and clearanced it (maybe a 1/32 of material was removed) to fit inside a 1.5 .250 wall DOM tube.

Now, I have to get my barbeque down stairs so I can heat this thing to weld it. Pre and post heat are not critical for forged material, but with a Miller 175 and a 1" thick relay rod, I'm guessing heating it isn't going to hurt anything.

Camera is acting up. I need the cord, which I left at work. Will hopefully have pics up tomorrow.

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