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Originally Posted by Air Randy View Post
Thats an easy fix, especially if you do it at the same time you pull the head. You can buy a cam from Man-A-Fre with new lifters for about $200 and it will give you a little better performance than the stock cam.

My 74 FJ40 still has the stock cam in it and the lifter lobes are so rounded off it has no top end power. I'm going to be swapping the cam and lifters in it in the next few weeks.

One thing that will help slow down the wear on the new cam and lifters is to run a oil made for high friction engines. Nowadays the only way to get that is to run the oils specified for diesel engines. I run the 15w-40 diesel oil since it has the additives to minimize that type of wear.
Thanks for the input. I ended up getting that cam from man-a-fre. They also recommended running ZDDP+ which is similar to your recommendation about running oil for diesel motors. Has the zinc in it.

Robbie had a project that is running a little long and can't get started on my motor until July 12th now. Right now I have my FJ40 in 100s of pieces. I can't wait to get started putting things back together. I will post some pics when things start to come together.
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