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Originally Posted by Corbet View Post
I believe Man-a-fre stocks an eyelet conversion bracket and I know Frankies Off Road does. Never checked pricing.
Cool, thanks that helps. At least the manafre site lists the inner spacing for them (1 5/8). The bushing on the stock rear shock looks to be 1.5 inches wide.

Originally Posted by nuclearlemon View Post
i bought some jeep ones because they were a lot cheaper than the few toyota i could find and had to major modification because the bolt was enormous. having seen them, i'd make them. all they are is a piece of c channel with a big bolt through them
I'm kinda leaning this direction if I can find some correctly spaced channel. Forgive this newb question, but do the sleeves for the bushing typically come with the shocks, or would I have to track those down separate?
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