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Originally Posted by rover67 View Post
When we were at Blue Notch on the shore of lake powell we were listening to some guy on the mexico/us border that was pretty entertaining. he must have been running a pretty crazy setup.

He was talking to people all over. Seemed like there were several folks with similar setups talking over crazy long distances. We were using a galaxy radio (not modded) to listen. That Galaxy was a really nice radio.
Hard to say, but remember CB is located in the HF bands, so sometimes you get lucky with propagation. But most likely, yeah, he was running an illegal setup. OTOH, I made a QRP contact on 20m from Lost Creek Wilderness with KD0ACR in South Dakota. This was side band (not DSB AM) and he was running 400W with a 3-element beam, but I was running 2.5W into a 44' doublet with a tuner.
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