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Default Learned something new today

On the BOWR, Matt Farr mentioned his 80 had the same gas smell near the drivers side tire. Mine has been doing that for a while.

So I did some research on Mud and found out I have been doing something wrong. I fill both tanks to the brim. That causes the Charcoal Canister to saturate with vapor.

That causes three things, impact to fuel economy, high pressure in the tank and the gas smell

I have noticed when I take the gas cap off, there is high pressure, sometimes even sputtering fuel.

This can also cause fuel to boil if the heat gets hot and there is a high Ethanol blend. I had abnormally poor fuel economy coming back from Kansas a couple of weeks ago. It was about 7MPG and I wasn't even towing. Back in Colorado, it returned to about 12 MPG with a fresh tank of fuel.

These new through our discount are about $250. Kind of high considering its a can with some Charcoal in it.

On mud Firstoy has a write-up how he cut the top off and replaced the Charcoal using JB weld to seal the top back on.

Dan suggested I get a used one to try (Called Oleg) or I could take it off and see if sitting on my porch and being opened (via unconnected tubes) it would get the fuel to evaporate out of the Charcoal.

So the lesson is to not overfill the tank and I have been doing that for years.
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