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Default OME or Rancho?

So I kinda hate to be a noob and post a shock brand recommendation post, but here goes. In my research to try and find a replacement for my front OME shocks, I ordered some of the procomp 9000's. As you may have guessed, they were crap and I am sending them back. From the other brands I have looked at, most would either straight up not fit without modification or would require a bit of trial/error on my part to get the studs adapters. (And may have to go down to a 8" travel on the front to fit the compressed length.) I would have liked to go with the 2.0 fox emulsion, but the 8.5" would require two eyelet adapters at 1-1.5" a piece. The compressed length on them is 14.3, plus adapters = 16-17, which is an inch or two more than I have compression for. I couldn't find a bilstein specs sheet to browse through, only a application guide.

At any rate, I found a Rancho RS9000XL in a 9.6" travel, 15" compressed, 24.6" extended, stud mount top and bottom. Price is ~100 a piece, so slightly more than the OME's.

Since at this point I am going to try and stick with bolt-in, does anyone have a recommendation on OME vs. Rancho? My driving is split about 50/50 onroad winter travel to skiing and desert back road, mini "expedition" type travel with heavier loads. Not much heavy duty wheeling; only what I find when accessing remote places for adventures :-D The adjustability of the Rancho's is somewhat attractive, as the load difference in the cruiser between skiing and desert trips is quite a bit. I've been hesitant to go with the OME's because they old ones lasted less than 2 years, but maybe the new model is a bit nicer? Plus side for OME's is I can get them from Slee, rather than order online.

For reference, the rancho shock I found is RS99014. It's got a 3/8" stud on it, instead of the 1/2 inch.

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