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Originally Posted by 60wag View Post
Mine wasn't that nasty when I cleaned it. Any chance you've got a vac hose still disconnected or hooked up wrong? Are there any small ports in the housing that got plugged during the cleaning? Try pulling the battery to clear the codes and see if they come back.
I've been clearing codes for a month now.. has only been 402 until today, was surprised by the other two. And I blasted some carb cleaner all around and am able to blow air through every vacuum line and port on the TB itself. I will try to poke a paper clip in through the three tiny ones that are right at the butterfly valve later tonight once everyone else is cribbin..

this sucks, and with no receiver hitch on the Taco it could be tent camping instead of pop-up camping at Camp Hale, which likely makes is a boy-only trip.. I'm sorry 80, I'll get you some more attention soon, promise.
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