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Well I got as far as pulling the EGR valve off, at least most of the way to allow for any carb cleaner to drain out. Upon further inspection my intake manifold really isn't that dirty.. I blew out the EGR check valve filter per the FSM, kinda wondering what else to clean while I have so much apart...

edit: Ok so it's looking like my P0110 code is just a loose connection with my MAF, probably from when I recently installed that Landtank housing sleeve? great..

edit2: and per our buddy Onur, looks like P0100 may just be the same thing:

so then let's say for the moment a few minutes with a jewler's pick and some dielectric grease and the first two are taken care of. Here's what the dealer would say about 402:

P0402: EGR Flow excessive detected: Trouble Areas: EGR valve stuck open; EGR VSV open malfunction; open in VSV circuit for EGR; short in EGR gas temp. sensor circuit; ECM.
I think I have a new VSV (will search in a minute), so maybe I should just pop for a new EGR valve?
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