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I'll be looking at the LX here soon...Have a 3 yr old blue hub clutch fan and the coolant is a couple years old (yeah, time to flush it again) and temps have been fine even towing the popup to CM10 and up to Grand Lake...But on the drive back up sans the popup on Thursday in the 90F+ heat I managed to get the LX up to 220F pulling the hills - Much too warm for my liking.

Just had the system on the 80 done and Ben found the radiator was REALLY plugged up...He R&R'd the radiator and took it to a shop where they flow tested it and then did their thing with it...IIRC the shop told him the radiator flow tested as < 25% - Now with it all back together and 100% new hoses, thermostat, and coolant it won't break 190F even in the 90F+ heat with the AC on. Runs a good 10-15F cooler than the LX in the same conditions.

Figure it will be money well spent to pull the radiator and have it professionally cleaned out if another flush doesn't do the trick.

Check your radiator overflow bottle and see how much "muck" is sitting at the bottom...When I flushed the LX's radiator the last time there was a bunch and more would get dumped into the overflow bottle every week or two even after the flush.
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