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ok, had some time to work on it last night, still not sure what is going on

took some time to drive it, and the noise is more like a squeaky spring than anything at slow speeds. from 5-15mph is becomes a rotational sound that increases with speed, and is faster than the wheels, so I am leaning towards a driveshaft issue.

jacked up the front end, did the wheel bearing test (grabeed it at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and pushed and pulled) and there was little to no movement. I spun the wheels as quick as I could, and there was NO noise anywhere. I pulled the wheels and looked at the brakes again, and all looked good. spun the wheels again and listened very closely to the brake pads and barely heard anything at all.

lubed up both driveshafts, did not seem to affect the noise at all. except the noise is not here in reverse, or is much much quieter. not sure if this happened because of the driveshaft lube or not, Amber said she first noticed the noise in reverse.

so now what? anybody had a squeaky driveshaft before? (yeah, that will end up in a sig somewhere...) I might get a center diff switch from Slee and then yank the front driveshaft to see if it is the issue. might not be a bad idea to leave it off anyway if she is going to be putting 4000+ miles on the truck in the next month...

thanks everyone...
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