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IIRC there were a few threads on mud about this same issue. Here's a couple:

At any rate I went with the napa rebuilts. The physical caliper is the same as OEM toyota. ( I had heard toyota didn't make their own calipers) . Quality is OK....I imagine the quality of the seals/boots/etc is not up to standard toyota, but they work ok so far. The core charge does suck. It was way more than 60 bucks. More like 90 I think.

One suggestion is to either keep off the old calipers or buy new the bleeder screws. The ones on the napa calipers were cheap-o. Oh yea and buy some new copper washers from Dan, the ones with the calipers don't quite match up for size compared to OEM. They'd probably work, but the washers were cheap. And make sure to hold on to the anti squeal shims...they are freakin expensive!
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