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Default very thick oil, inboard CV joint

Originally Posted by Dr. Schlegs View Post
Looks like they are tired of you too. That is all I get from it.
Understandable, when you are in the darkness, you only read and see what you want to,

perhaps you would like to explain to me what lubrication differences are needed between a "Birfield" and a inboard CV joint on a Toyota 4 runners,

I will help there are none,
If I rebuilt a automatic transmission and poured 140w oil into it, it would work,
It would work and move the vehicle if I poured water in it,

Would it last as long??


There is no difference between these examples than what happens when you use a #2 grease in a component that is designed for a semi fluid grease..

It is a simple as that, as soon as some one in the Toyota circles, that has a background in mechanical engineering , stops and looks at the spindle bushing in the steering knuckle then they will realize the need for a semi fluid grease, and all of this will make sense,

So far I havent found him, he is out there, I have contacted everybody in the Toyota aftermarket, everyone is quite happy pouring 140w in the auto tranny and wondering why is doesnt last as long,