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Default oh #2 axle grease??

Originally Posted by AxleIke View Post
Can't help you there. I do know that my inboard CV joints are fully sealed and filled with #2 axle grease. Same with my outter joints. Fully sealed, #2 axle grease.

I don't know much about birfields, so I have no idea on how they compare.

Each axle has 150k on it. I rebuilt them.

You didnt use the thinner grease packets that come with the rebuild kits??
they tell me thats bad news,
what is axle grease any way? been reading and researching grease for over a year now and thats a new term, for me. heres one of many warnings not to use exactly what the FSM for Toyota indicates to use in a CV joint,
#2 molybedamed lithium chasis grease is a regular old grease, nothing special,


CV joints require a special type of high temperature, high pressure grease. Ordinary chassis grease or multipurpose grease should never be used in a CV joint.

The condition of the grease as well as the amount of grease in the joint will determine how long the joint lasts. One of the purposes of the boot that surrounds the CV joint is to keep dirt and moisture out. The other is to keep the grease in. If a boot is torn, cracked, punctured or comes loose, dirt and water can contaminate the grease in the joint causing accelerated wear which will eventually lead to joint failure. Loss of grease can also occur which will further shorten the life of the joint. So the boots must be in good condition to protect the joint.