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Originally Posted by Uncle Ben View Post
Banning you wont make you go away so why dont you impress us all and just go away! Im guessing that you wont because like the snake oil you push you are your biggest and only fan!
Yep good old snake oil, except this snake oil is something only a few know about,

I thought everyone should, and since Toyota tells you to use a type of grease that causes all sorts of trouble, didnt seem very nice,
get them to sell you the snake oil or at least tell you that they use in it and what is compatible,

This statement is from Kurt Williams the fist time I went to Utah Rock Crawler,

He says this was out of context, I agree, all the other statements in the 5 or so page thread was BS
I was poking holes in his suction hose, and he didnt like it, but I did pick up on the one statement that was correct ,the post has been deleted
"Take it to a shop that knows what they are doing. For $600 you can get a complete knuckle overhaul, with the correct parts and fluid and not worry about your axle for another 30 years"
Kurt Williams
Cruiser Outfitters

What is this correct fluid?? sounds like snake oil to me, lasts 30 years??
wow, super slippery snake oil, type of snake oil if you are a parts guy gives you a forked tongue,or fingers,

Heres a link to the little hub of IH8mush

Poor old Robbie went and talked to this Joker first, got pumped full of BS, sad, hate to see a fellow grease monkey being duped,

And as far as why I am here, you have Rover 67 to thank for that,

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