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Originally Posted by corsair23 View Post
Aren't the pens point at the exact same location, just that the inner whatever you call it is rotated about 90 degress?

Oh, and good one Dr. Schlegs...
wow, the pen in example A points to 9 o'clock

The pen in example B points to 6 o'clock

How is it you cant see that,?? its is the entry point of one of lube grooves, anyone like to comment on why the Japanese engineers where nice enough to put it at the 6 o'clock position,???

But of course the clown and Joker professors at Toyota university ruined all that for you,
So the mechanic A and B don't really matter, Not when Toyota tells them to use a lube that will not flow,

It is difficult to present this information when it is contrary to what Toyota says
But if you where to stop and look at what they do, it makes sense,
These axles will last 30 years easy, if left alone,
Get them to sell you this snake oil that makes this happen then I will leave you all alone,